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Silenzi Incompresi

The show “Silenzi incompresi” narrates the souls that are not listened to by modern

society. The whirlwind of emotions that must remain linked to our conscience to prevent us from getting into unpleasant situations with others. But the human being is the sum of the experiences that are lived in one’s growth path.

Who are we, how can we understand each other if we don’t dare to risk

confrontation with others.

Mati, Ide, Lur are three characters who have different lives, but their bond is marked by those misunderstood silences that will unite them forever


Last Show

The last show will be a journey for the viewer, where their subconscious will allow them to experience another reality

Danza in Arte in Pietrasanta is a unique dance festival where the performing arts, dance and music, merge with the visual arts to give rise to a new and engaging universal language

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